As the world around us becomes more connected with the convergence of electronic and mechanical platforms, Allegion is making it safer by solving new problems in new ways. Put simply, we're creating practical solutions and leading-edge products.

Our company purpose most accurately embodies our future – "We create peace of mind by pioneering safety and security.” Securing and improving the places where people thrive is a responsibility we take very seriously and we'll continue to do just that.

In addition, we want to make it easy for customers to do business with Allegion. We'll also use our market-leading position to promote change in our industry: To work together to make schools secure and tap the possibilities of the Internet of Things. Finally, we are flexing our muscle to extend our capabilities in electronics, electro-mechanical combinations and quality products in related spaces.

Looking forward, Allegion has a unique advantage in both consumer and commercial security product markets. Allegion has high-tech capabilities and is on the leading edge of the Internet of Things, which allows our company to take innovation from one setting and quickly deliver in in another. At the same time, our heritage is an invaluable asset. Customers know Allegion products and, more importantly, they know Allegion products will perform.

Allegion is well-positioned to pair its strengths with a nimble build-and-partner approach to bring innovation to the market.